Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beyond Outplacement,...the emotional side of downsizing.

My good friend and colleague from Chicago Business Network is leading this INSPIRING program!....

The program, Beyond Outplacement, was created to help people and organizations deal with the emotional side of downsizing. Unfortunately in today’s environment layoffs are happening all too often. This interactive program is designed to help shift the mindset of those that are leaving as well as those that are staying, and allow those individuals to approach the change from a very positive perspective rather than one based on fear. As we all know change can be difficult. This program is intended to help people experience the change more easily.

Debbie Weinstein Huml, CPCC, ACC
Inspiring Leadership Partners, LLC

Announcing Inspiring Leadership Partner’s (ILP)

Beyond Outplacement Program

When your company downsizes, for whatever reason, valuable employees find themselves in a precarious position. General uncertainty, cautious performance and tentative actions result.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you, the employer, could do something to take of care of dedicated employees? Now you can. With ILP’s Beyond Outplacement Program you can provide them with the tools, techniques and support to:

  • Shift their mindset and consider perspectives that will serve them regarding the upcoming change
  • Uncover their dreams, passions and visions that may be lost during this time in their lives
  • Identify a working list of their transferrable skills
  • Network socially and formally

Your company will receive the benefit of:

  • Former employees who are better equipped to move forward professionally
  • A reputation of taking care of those who have worked for you
  • Current employees who will continue to be dedicated to their work
  • Current employees who see how much you value employees
  • A cadre of people who could come back to you when business improves

Downsizing, laying off employees, is never easy…..but with the ILP Beyond Outplacement Program there are ways to improve the outcome of the situation.

What would you like if you were in their shoes?

Inspiring Leadership Partners Beyond Outplacement Program.

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Because Change Happens….

Beyond Outplacement – Keeping your organization healthy, happy and effective in challenging times.

The challenge:

You have to make staffing changes, people who have been dedicated to your company will be asked to leave, they are worried, unsure, and you want to help them transition. At the same time, the employees who remain are facing a range of emotions and realities. They need to be reassured and supported through this turbulent time.

The mission:

To support those who are leaving, those employees who are staying, and those people who deliver the difficult messages in times of transition.


  • Former employees who are better equipped to move forward professionally
  • Former employees who leave and will speak highly of your company and it’s commitment to it’s people.
  • Employees who will continue to work with dedication for you.
  • A cadre of people who could come back to you when your business improves.


The Beyond Outplacement program is designed as a menu of offerings. The ILP team will work with you to create a customized delivery of services to meet your specific organizational needs.

Learning sessions for those leaving:

o Honoring Your Fears and Concerns

o Dreams and Visions: What have you always wanted

o Unique U: Define and describe your transferrable skills

o Sell Yourself: Creating your elevator speech


Learning sessions for those staying:

  • Concerns and Perspectives: Shifting to the positive
  • Dealing with the Survivor Guilt for managers and colleagues
  • Reinvesting in and Refocusing the team
  • Energizing the Mission: Why are you doing what you are doing
  • Preparing for the transitions: Information and knowledge exchange

Services for everyone:

Stress Management Classes

o Live and Teleclass (by phone)


o Career, Business and Life


o Individual & Group

o Family

o Spiritual

o Clinical


o Human Resource, Strategic Planning, Workforce Planning, Talent Management

o Organizational Design, Change Management


o EQ-i


o Holland

All programs include:

o Customization for your organization

o Workbook

o Action Planning

o Accountability

o Internal Support Systems

o External Coaching

How we work:

Delivery to fit your time frame and group size. Beyond Outplacement learning sessions are 1 ½ to 2 hours in length and are best offered in groups of 10 or under. Services vary in length and duration.

Classes and Services offered by ILP Founders Debbie Huml, Natalie Goldfein along with Dr. Karl Schmitt, Psy.D., SPHR.

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