Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving time is the best time to clear out all that stuff you don't want to take with you AND make a little cash for moving expenses.

First, set a date and time when you can devote your full attention to this sale, for gathering up various articles as well as being able to attend the sale full time. Second, plan just what you're going to put in the sale, if you're going to have the sale alone, or with other families. Third, have plenty of change on hand - both coin and paper money.

Now, get down to business. A sale is work, but the returns more than justify the effort. Clean out your closets and anything that is useless to you or you don't want - put it in the sale. One person's trash may be another person's goldmine! Besides, the more you sell, the less you'll have to pack.

Of course you need to advertise. Run an ad in your daily newspaper. The best days for your Garage Sale are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If you run your ad one day only, have it in the Thursday paper. You might like to run the ad two days to appear in both the Thursday and Friday editions. Two day advertising is usually adequate unless your sale is continued late Saturday night and Sunday. Be specific, concise and honest. State place, date, hours. If you have a large amount of clothing, specify some of the sizes. Give good descriptive details to save disappointments.

In addition to placing an ad in the paper, place signs at points where people will see them. Some stores have bulletin boards on which you can place notices. Advertise all you can and be ready to meet any customer as soon as the paper hits the street. Some eager buyers may come before the sale even begins!

Make arrangements to have all your remaining 'treasures' picked up after the sale for donation or disposal. Remember, if you were willing to sell it - you don't need to move it to your next house. Be discriminating and stick to your resolve!

On the day of the sale, think merchandising! Display your wares attractively. Be sure they are clean, usable, and priced temptingly. Place like items together, such as glassware next to silverware and lamps next to furniture. String up a clothesline to display clothing or hang a pole between two ladders. Children's clothing goes over best especially in the fall when school is about to begin. Antiques are popular items regardless of state of repair or condition.

Other items in big demand are varied and include bottles (old and new) baseball cards, lawn mowers, camping articles, tools, coins, old books, comic books (old and new), aprons, old-fashioned bonnets, salt and pepper shakers, needlework, jewelry, watches, and dishes. Doll clothing and accessories are also always in demand. Toys go over big at any time. Make a hit with the kiddies and they, in turn, might persuade their parents to buy something. Don't be afraid to drag out those outgrown items, old dishes and two-of-a-kind items you don't really need. You'll find the money in your pocket is better than all the clutter in the house.

Set up card tables or ping-pong tables to display small merchandise. Place tables in a manner that will leave room for shoppers to browse without feeling crowded. Colorful table covers draw a lot of attention to your items. Take advantage of the space under the tables, if you need more display room. You'll be amazed how buyers spot the smallest item under the table. You'll save yourself a lot of time answering questions if you show a price on all merchandise. Use small stickers and a heavy black felt marking pen for lettering.

Be sure you have electrical outlets nearby for appliances to show customers that your articles do work. If you have to use an extension cord, make sure it is in excellent condition and preferably a heavy duty one. If you have any fragile, rare or expensive items such as crystal, cut glass or jewelry, be sure it is displayed on a sturdy table and out of reach from children. Drinking glasses, dishes, and cups will sell faster if you price them in sets rather than individually. Paperback books, magazines, records and items that have titles will sell more readily if they are marked separately. If they want them collectively, they'll ask you.

At the end of the day, you should have money in your pocket, some new acquaintances, and a lighter load when it's time to move!