Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Deal with the difficult while it is yet easy; deal with the great while it is yet small."

"Deal with the difficult while it is yet easy; deal with the great while it is yet small."

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Price adjustment on 27 unit multi-family package. An Investment that won't SCARE you.
Prudential Rubloff Properties

Price Adjustment on 27 Unit Multi-Fam Package
Great Investment!
Just when you thought inventory has been depleted...
Fully leased/tenant heated. 10.44 cap.
Great for 1031 exchange or turn-key investment.
Carpe Diem
Bridgeport: Voted BEST Halloween in 2012.

3225 S May (12-Flat)
3175 S Racine (10-Flat)
3247 S May (5-Flat)

**NOVEMBER SPECIAL $1,999,975 for All Three!

Bridgeport - "the community of the future" was considered Chicago's best kept secret. This thriving community is on the rise.

Read more here.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jobs & Homes..Base of our Economy! Top 10 careers for 2013+

Jobs & Homes..Base of our Economy! Top 10 careers for 2014+

Home ownership expands personal liberty, builds communities, and helps Americans create wealth. “The American Dream” is not a stale  slogan. It is the lived reality that expresses the aspirations of all  our people. It means a decent place to live, a safe place to raise   kids, a welcoming place to retire. It bespeaks the quiet pride of those who work hard to shelter their family and, in the process, create  caring neighborhoods. Home ownership is best fostered by a growing  economy with low interest rates, as well as prudent regulation, financial education, and targeted assistance to responsible borrowers.
The S&P Case-Shiller index, which tracks the 20 largest markets in  the nation, showed the biggest year-over-year gain in prices since  June 2006.
"This marks the highest increase since the housing bubble burst," said  David Blitzer, chairman of the index committee at S&P Dow Jones  Indices.

"The market still has a long way to go nationally, but the healing  process -- and a return to a normalized housing market -- is  definitely well underway," said Jim Baird, chief investment officer for  Plante Moran Financial Advisors.
Home prices have been helped in recent months by a number  of factors, including tight inventory of homes available for sale, near  record-low mortgage rates and a drop in homes in foreclosure. A decline in unemployment is also helping the housing recovery.
The housing recovery itself is helping support overall economic growth, as builders scramble to hire workers  to meet the renewed demand. The lift goes beyond the impact of  increased construction on the economy, as the rise in home prices lifts   household wealth.
Rising home prices also reduce the number of people owing more on their  mortgages than their homes are worth. That, in turn, can help them to  refinance those loans at a lower rate, freeing up money to spend on  other goods and services.

Carpe Diem... Today is your day!
My  motto in life and business. As an exclusive senior broker representing  buyers, sellers, investors, developers and financial institutions, I am dedicated to providing high quality service in the Chicago suburbs  and city as well as exposure on a global level for your property. I  possess an intimate knowledge of the local market and specialize in  residential and commercial properties of distinction.
I  am a certified Eco-Broker and offer an educational based approach to  my clients by delivering information on green products, services and  market issues. I will educate them on energy, environmental, financial  and green market issues.
Practicing  the art of uniting extraordinary properties with extraordinary lives, I  am ready to devote my attention to your particular real estate needs. I  have the TRC designation which affords me the opportunity to conduct  and facilitate transactions on an international level.
Over  the last 15 years, I have professionally sold in the real estate, banking, legal and corporate environments throughout the Chicago     metropolitan area. Utilizing the latest in marketing strategies, information technologies and business acumen, I welcome the opportunity    to be a thought leader and trusted advisor throughout your real estate  acquisition and disposition process.
I understand that real estate, regardless of its price range, reflects the incalculable value of the life lived within.

TOP 10 HOT CAREERS for 2014+
1. Information technology.  When career site recently analyzed millions of job postings on its web site, researchers found that the fastest-growing category of keywords — including HTML5, Android, mobile app, and social media — were in IT, and a new survey by tech job site bears that out: About 65% of hiring managers said they hope to add tech staff in the  first half of 2014. Roughly a quarter of those (27%) said they want to  expand their IT headcount by more than 20%. Openings for software developers who specialize in applications will rise by more than one-third (34%) by 2018, says Best Jobs for the 21st Century, a new book by job market analyst Laurence Shatkin, while companies  will hire 20% more computer systems analysts. Rising pay in these  fields reflects the surge in demand: The Bureau of Labor Statistics  says that developers of systems software, for instance, earn an average of $94,180 per year.  Reinvigorate your ROI! Check out Silver Professionals IT offerings@ a fraction of the old school cost..

2. Health care professionals.  Partly due to the aging of the U.S. population, health care has been  hot for a while now, and the trend shows no sign of slowing. Shatkin's  research says the U.S. will need 103,900 more registered nurses every  year (average salary: $64,690) well into the next decade, along with  7,860 new physical therapists per annum (average pay: $76,310). Demand for dental hygienists is up too, with a projected 36.1% growth in job  openings between now and 2018 (average pay: $68,250). One of Silver Professionals fastest growing verticals..RN,NP,PA,Physician and Executive Professional Medical Hiring
3. Health care management and support staff. Don't have the training or experience to work directly with patients? No worries. "People often overlook the fact that business people run health care companies," says Ron Goldstein , principal of recruiting firm Silver Professionals . "With all the change happening in the system now, there is churn as well as growth. We're constantly seeing new openings in general management, finance, marketing, human resources, you name it."...

4. Engineers. Note to college students who want their pick of job offers when they  graduate: Consider majoring in engineering. A whopping 88% of employers  in a new poll by the Society for Human Resource Management bemoaned  the difficulty of finding enough engineers to hire. Civil engineers are   in demand too: Shatkin's analysis of BLS data shows a 24.3% spike  ahead in jobs for people who design roads, bridges, and other  infrastructure projects (average annual pay: $77,560).
5. Industrial skills. Think U.S. manufacturing is moribund? Think again. More than  two-thirds (68%) of employers in the SHRM survey pointed to a shortage  of qualified new hires to replace people retiring from the skilled  trades: electricians, carpenters, welders. Moreover, says Justin Hirsch, "We're seeing an increase in industrial hiring in logistics, supply-chain management, and plant management." As more companies go  global, demand for expertise in logistics -- the art and science of moving stuff efficiently from one place to another -- will continue to  heat up.

6. Life sciences and biotech. Medical innovators  ranging in size from Big Pharma down to biotech startups are on a hiring  binge: Shatkin sees a 40% jump in job openings for research scientists  between now and 2018 (average salary: $76,700). As with health care  companies in general, these employers will also need managers and  support staff (see No. 3).
7. Salespeople. Selling  has historically been the closest thing there is to a recession-proof  career, and this economic downturn is no exception. Since they're the  ones bringing the dough in the door, salespeople are often the first to  be hired and last to get laid off. Almost three-quarters (72%) of  employers in the SHRM survey said they can't get enough salespeople  now.
SalesForce the newest service offering nationwide finding the best and brightest talent for your company..

8. Accounting and finance. Demand for  accountants and finance mavens (particularly forensic accountants and  compliance specialists) has been climbing steadily for the past several  years, and U.S. colleges are still not turning out enough grads in  these fields to fill the available openings. The SHRM survey found that  more than half (54%) of employers would hire more accountants and  finance experts if they could find them. Silver Professionals just launched a new service Blend the tactical approach of a controller +The strategic thinking of a CFO + The Benefits of a CPA outsourced partner

9. Discount retailers.  "Not to mention any specific company names -- everyone knows who they  are, anyway -- but the big national discount store companies have  flourished during this recession," notes Justin Hirsch. "And most of  them are hiring managers as well as in-store personnel."
10. Private equity firms.  Recruiters report that private equity firms are actively seeking  management talent for their portfolio companies "across all industries  and all functional areas," says Hirsch. "They're poaching  already-employed, seasoned managers from big companies -- people who  can step into either a turnaround situation or a pre-IPO company and  make it work. These are challenging jobs, and could be a real feather  in a manager's cap if he or she can bring it off successfully."

Silver Professionals.. Employment  power  and opportunities for dependable and loyal professional job  seekers. Employers..We have a reliable and repeatable process in the  hiring of candidates from our pool of professional talent. We offer a  flat fee schedule of permanent PT/FT (975/4995) employment and several  business service offerings to make your human resource capital as  efficient as possible. We offer a comprehensive background/interview  check, leveraging behavioral questioning to facilitate mutual success. We have recruiting available with our global reach .90 day  guarantees..amazing talent from Interim Surgical RN,LPN,Physician Assistant, outside/inside sales/biz dev. gurus..Enterprise IT architects.IOS/Android/Mobile developers..nurses/nurse practitioners.bookkeepers..CEO to COO, CFO, CIO, audit CPAs,Dir of HR, Dir of Manufctg, CRM, ERP and EHR implementers/thought leaders/developers, research scientist, hematologist/oncologist, Concierge Dr… Come check out our 900+ talent available..
Check out our latest Jobs for Fall..

Our deepest satisfaction comes from finding other companies to  embrace our professional salespeople, scientists,health care, manufacturing, energy/green, legal, tax , financial, HR, IT  professionals and veterans and help them put to work  some of the  greatest minds, while increasing their ROI.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chicago Home sales up nearly 26% in September!

Home sales up nearly 26% in September!


Chicago-area home sales continued their rebound last month, posting the most active September since 2005.

In the nine-county area, 9,583 homes sold last month, down from 11,771 sales in August but up 25.6 percent from 7,629 sales in September 2012, the Illinois Association of Realtors said today.

The total marked the best September since 2005, when 12,073 homes sold. And it was the 27th consecutive month that local home sales rose year over year.

The average listing time for area homes also fell, to 61 days in September compared with 83 days in September 2012.

“September homebuyers showed they were not going to be deterred by slight interest rate increases or the possibility of a federal government shutdown,” Illinois Association of Realtors President Phil Chiles and broker-associate at the Real Estate Group in Springfield, said in a statement.

In the city of Chicago, 2,352 homes sold last month, up 23.4 percent from 1,906 sales during the same period last year.

The Realtors group's sales figures include new and existing homes. Its nine-county Chicago area consists of Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will counties.


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Thursday, October 17, 2013

What's LEED All About, Anyway?..The skinny on Sustainable homes

What's LEED All About, Anyway?

If you're looking for a sustainable, energy-efficient home, look into LEED certification. Learn about the program and its rating system here

How can you tell the difference between houses that look environmentally friendly and ones that actually are? Home certifications can help. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is just one certification that helps all sectors of the home-building industry use some of the best methods of sustainable design and construction.

Your first two questions about certification are likely going to be, "What's in it for me? and "How much is this going to cost?" Let's look at some of the basics.
8. Awareness and Education (AE)

Points available: 3

Points earned for: Educating the homeowners and passing on knowledge about sustainable home building.

Things to keep in mind: A sustainably designed home has limited impact if you don’t know how to use it. As with any other product, your home should come with a user’s manual. Responsible owners of LEED-certified homes understand how the path of the sun affects the heat gain in their home, understand the importance of a durability checklist and understand the need to be familiar with their home's systems.

For an additional credit, you can then “pay it forward” by passing that information and knowledge on to others.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Picture the Holidays in your new home. 2300 sf of gold coast boutique living... Priced right!

Picture the holidays in..your new home!
  Boutique bldg. in the heart of Gold Coast, steps to the Lake. Foyer opens to expansive 2300 SF floor plan featuring new kitchen w/high end appliances and adjoining large dining room. Washer/dryer. Great master suite w/floor to ceiling windows overlooking Wrigley mansion. Garage pkg on-site (plenty of guest pkg as well). No weight limit on pets. Carpe Diem. This is living!
priced right@599,700

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Carpe October..RE natl.update..Check it out..

 Carpe Diem...Real Estate Update
Feature Photo  
Many realize that it is a great time to buy a home. Let's look at why it might also be an opportune time to sell your house. Here are the Top 5 Reasons we believe now may be a perfect time to put your house on the market.

Feature Photo  
The U.S. real estate market continues to surge. It is worth noting that over the past six months, the median price for a single-family home has shot up at the fastest pace on record.

Feature Photo  
Recently released research by NAHB reaffirms that homeownership is an important component of household wealth accumulation. Part of the reason is because of its size on the household balance sheet.

Photographer Ben Marcin’s collection Last House Standing (as seen on Feature Shoot) depicts a common sight: after the demolition of the lines of row houses, one last building sometimes remains, eerily cut off from its surroundings.


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