Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prudential Rubloff Launches Proactive SEO Platform

Prudential Rubloff Launches Proactive SEO Platform

Tue, Feb 28 2012

Michael and Chris are pleased to announce the launch of VHT ImageWorks, a comprehensive SEO platform designed to drive even more traffic to Rubloff.com. The platform takes the online buyer directly to the source of the listing information, the brokerage that is listing the property.

“Prudential Rubloff is extremely pleased to offer VHT ImageWorks,” said Pierson. “The platform drives online traffic, giving our agents and their listings a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace. This aggressive and proactive Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) program is the latest innovative marketing tool Prudential Rubloff provides to agents and their clients.”

VHT ImageWorks was designed by Internet entrepreneur and Orbitz founder Alex Zoghlin. It is the first marketing platform that produces measurable results by significantly improving brokers’ search engine-generated traffic and sales conversion rates. Brokers using the platform elsewhere in the country experienced a 37 percent average increase in web visits from search engines.

Prudential Ruboff’s ImageWorks platform consists of powerful components to drive traffic to listings. Patrick Bergner, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing, explains, “With the implementation of this visionary program, Rubloff.com affirms its place among the top real estate websites serving Chicagoland and Southwest Michigan,” said Patrick. “Through the platform, each Prudential Rubloff listing receives special SEO treatment allowing it to appear higher in searches than was possible in the past. As a result, we anticipate a significant bump in web traffic from search engines within the next few months. We view this as a considerable benefit to agents and consumers alike, and it all happens seamlessly without any action on behalf of the listing agent. This progressive marketing initiative is the latest enhancement to our website, Rubloff.com. But, as always, we are looking to the future!”
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