Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How To: Stage Your Home To Sell Fast With These 5 Tips

Selling your home can be a stressful task in itself, and even more so if you are still residing in a home that is on the market. While there are some tried and true tips for keeping a clean home while it is being shown, there are also some staging guidelines that are great for helping a house through the market quickly. While for some, staging can mean a costly addition to the bottom line– it’s important to understand that buyers can often better see themselves within a home that has furniture in it, and is updated with smart furniture and current colors. Rooms look larger once there’s furniture involved, and scale becomes more apparent than just talking about room sizes and square footage.
See our 5 basic tips on simple ways to spruce up your residence with staging below.

1. Freshen up the exterior.
Curb appeal isn’t essential if there aren’t any major eyesores to a potential buyer, but adding a fresh coat of paint or some nice foliage planted can really update the front to maximize your home’s potential prospects.
2. Subtract personal items.
If you’re staging your home while still living in it, remove all of your personal items from plain sight to keep your family safe and allow others to visualize themselves living in the rooms. Keep personal care items in medicine cabinets and cupboards, put away kitchen gadgets and other small appliances that can make things appear cluttered and inconsistent.
3. Think like a buyer.
Is each space turnkey? As a home buyer, you’ll want to create a space that makes people feel like they can just pack up their personal items and move right in. Less is typically more, but don’t forget to accessorize and make things feel like home. Add plants for a touch of life, patterned throw pillows and some great texture really up the ante in dated areas.
4. Take professional photos.
Professionals tend to be experienced in creating the best angles to showcase your home‘s exterior and interior. While it might seem like a lot of wasted change, people are utilizing internet tools more and more these days; and typically writing off potential properties due to photos that don’t ‘sell’ the home in a positive light.
5. Hire a professional.
When all else fails, there are staging companies in every city that have tremendous amounts of experience and success in either filling your empty house with contemporary furniture, art and accessories or modifying what you’ve got and adding some extra pieces to really pull things all together.

Ron Goldstein,MBA
VP of Sales Jameson Sotheby's International Realty
Gold Coast Office
Premier Sotheby's- St. Pete/Sarasota

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