Monday, May 19, 2014

Planning summer Bashes? Light it up!

Backyard Parties: 7 Ways to Light It Up

Have a lush and inviting outdoor space that's gorgeous in the daytime, but loses that vibe after the sun goes down? Adding light to your backyard doesn't have to mean major rewiring or costly fixtures to create blinding results. For ideas, take a look at what we've rounded up from around the Web that will give your backyard a dazzling glow.

Tin Can Lanterns

Let your creativity shine through by crafting these customized tin can lanterns. Use a hammer and nail to punch your design or pattern, fill with a tea light and you’re set. For more intricate motifs, use a pen to sketch out your plan before punching.
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Mason Jar Lights

Use pages from the newspaper, a back issue from a magazine or your favorite catalog to dress up basic canning jars. Here, these decoupaged Mason jar lights are vessels for flame tea lights, but can be filled with any small battery-powered light of your choosing. You can also use them to hold pencils, kitchen utensils or short-stemmed flowers.
Photo Credit: Melissa Baswell Williams,

Glowing Light Orbs

These glowing light orbs are proof that chic outdoor lighting doesn’t have to break the bank. The basic light shades can be found at hardware stores, second-hand stores and flea markets for the cost of a cup of coffee. Fill them with some of those mini-lights that only see action around the Christmas tree and voila – instant ambiance with little fuss.
Photo Credit: The Art of Doing Stuff

Wine Glass Lampshades

Instead of scattering boring plain tea lights on the table, put unused wine glasses to work at your next al fresco fiesta by topping them with homemade wine glass candle lampshades. Fill the glasses with tea lights, top with decorative vellum or designer card stock paper and you've got instant sophistication.
Photo Credit: iSaveA2Z

Pot Lighting

Give a clay or plastic pot, or even a woven basket from a dollar store, a new look by turning it into a hanging light fixture. Battery-powered light sources work best inside these sconces.
Photo Credit: The Art of Doing Stuff

Paper Bag Lanterns

Another use for a string of basic outdoor lights, these paper bag party lights are a fun family-friendly project that can be done in no time with a little supervision. Colorful bags provide visual pop in the daylight and after sunset. With one flip of a power switch, the inner glow takes over.
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Custom Signage

Impress guests with your own lighted custom signage that is both practical and whimsical. This piece was made by cutting plywood and stringing outdoor lights through holes in the letters.

Photo Credit: Nicole Reed

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