Sunday, November 24, 2013

Live a Fairy Tale in a Getaway Castle Tower

Live a Fairy Tale in a Getaway Castle Tower

Let down your hair or just savor the idyllic views. In these 5 remodeled European towers, how the story goes is up to you

Childhood abounds with tales about stone towers where damsels in distress await rescue by a knight in shining armor. Historically, medieval tower houses were often located in inhospitable and inaccessible terrain, with commanding views of the surrounding landscape. They were built as defensive structures in a square or circular plan with massive walls, small window openings and narrow stone staircases.
The tower is located close to the Cliffs of Moher on a hill with commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean towards the Aran Islands. While most of the windows in the tower are small, there is one large window on the upper level that takes advantage of the views.

While you can’t stay inside the castle, the Sea View House offers rooms with views of the tower.

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