Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter your restlessness into these!!

Winter Projects

Trapped inside due to winter weather? Bummed about a weekend without football? Channel your restlessness into winter home projects from around the web.

drafty home can easily hike up your heating bill, but you have the power to keep the cold air out and your utility bills low. Seal up the leaky doors and windows in your home by crafting draft blockers (pictured), applying weatherstripping or using heavy-duty plastic to combat the chill.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

By now you may have lapsed on some of your New Year's resolutions. But if organization was on your to-do list, you can rebound this weekend with a neat and tidy bedroom. Try doable projects to clean your mattress, clear the dust, organize your closet and freshen up your bedroom's style. No matter if you have 10 minutes or a whole weekend, learn the tricks that will tame the chaos once and for all. 

Carpe diem: great time to buy or sell!
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Replacing an old faucet fixture is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom or kitchen a brand-new look on a tight budget. Plus, the installation process won't leave a mess behind. From contemporary to tradition, there is a wide-range of faucet finishes and styles to satisfy your design tastes. [The Kitchn]

Leaky faucet driving you crazy? Or maybe it's the clanking, squeaking sounds or blurting water flow? Popular Mechanics has the secrets to fixing bad-tempered faucets without calling a plumber. [Popular Mechanics]
Photo: This Old House

After you've tackled that leaky faucet, turn your attention to fixing the nonstop trickling sound from your toilet. A runny toilet wastes gallons of water each day, but luckily, there's an easy fix. Use this guide to identify and eliminate the problem before it burns a hole in your wallet. [This Old House]
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Make your weekend a productive one by transforming an old chest of drawers into a stylish showpiece. ShelterPop's easy-to-follow instructions will have you sanding, painting and switching out old drawer pulls like a pro. [ShelterPop]
Photo: Houzz

Sometimes a can of paint is all you need for a big impact. Paint the back of a cabinet or built-in unit to add a shot of color to any room. Take off a few cabinet doors for colorful open shelving. [Houzz]
Photo: Real Simple

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, now is not the time to drop the ball on your TV display. From recessed shelving to open cabinets, build the perfect media center that will give your party guests perfect views of all the pigskin action. [HGTV]

Over time, small cracks may show up on your home's wall surfaces. They're not pretty, but thankfully there's an easy way to repair. Scoop Spackle on a putty knife to cover the cracks. Once dry, sand the surface, and apply a coat of primer and paint. According to Real Simple, a pro would charge you $75 to complete this project. DIY it and it will only set you back $9.50 for supplies. [Real Simple]

Don't give up on bathroom tile that's old, dirty and grimy. Fight icky mildew buildup by re-grouting your bathroom tile. [The Nest]

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