Monday, November 14, 2011

Professionals: get your dynamic elevator pitch in by this Thurs.
Employers: Feel free to call with spec. job requests or on day of the program next Mon.

"Employment 2.0" Public Service
Radio Program

Nov 21st. 2-4 PM

with Steve Benz and Job Guru Ron Goldstein

In association with Silver Professionals and WSDI Chicago, Employment 2.0 is the only live call in program specifically focused on the "successfully unemployed." Employment 2.0 is a public service program. We provide an opportunity for job candidates to call our program, or to record a "personal" elevator pitch. A job candidate has only 60 seconds to impress an employer. We also welcome employers to call in with their specific needs for their organizations. Our special candidate hotline is: 312 880-7316. We will do the rest. Employers.General public..pls. call in w/ your specs on your professional openings and put back to work some of our vets/great minds..Call in # is 312 880-9734 (WSDI)

Employment 2.0's town hall format will offer a variety of guests including authors, career experts, employers and a variety of other valuable tips. Our goal is to educate and teach people how to jump start their employment search, start a business or even change careers.

Employment 2.0 will take "live" phone calls and offer our caller 60 seconds, tell us everything an employer needs to know. For the broadcast weary, we offer a special candidate hotline to record their personal elevator pitch. Every week we will play and offer advice to some of our recorded elevator pitches.
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