Monday, July 11, 2011

Feng Shui your home with Plant Energy!

B Uplifted with Plant Energy

Plants have an uplifting affect, raising the energy in stagnant spots and corners.  The best plants to use are upward-growing with rounded leaves.  Cacti and plants with spiky stiff leaves are less positive.  Dead plants, dried flowers, and potpourri have dead energy and should be thrown away.
To increase Energy flow, place plants in the following areas:
  • On your desk or next to your computer
  • In a bathroom to increase healthy energy
  • Staggering plants down a hallway can slow down energy
  • Soften corners with floor plants
Here are some examples of house plants that require low light:
Peace Lily, Camille Dieffenbachia, Ficus, and Rubber tree
Peace lily plant Camille dieffenbachia

 Pothos Rubber plant
These plants require medium light: Jade, Croton, Fiddle leaf fig, Philodendron
Jade plant Croton Fiddle leaf fig Philodendron
High light plants: Weeping Fig, Zebra plant, Orchids
 Weeping fig Zebra plant Orchid
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