Wednesday, August 18, 2010



A home that feels bright and light is sure to get a greater approval rating from any buyer. If yours feels a little lackluster and dull, get the sparkle going with the right light fixtures.

Making the right choice depends on the area served. Lighting falls into two groups: indirect (ambient) and direct (accent or task). The former sets a mood and the latter spotlights centers of interest or focuses on work surfaces.

Nothing beats a wonderful chandelier for creating glamour and ambiance. Wall sconces are perfect for an area where space is at a premium. Track, pendant and recessed lights are ideal for an area that needs more direct light. Use up-lights or can lights that sit on the floor for a wash of soft light behind a sofa or plant.

When you calculate how much light you will need, figure one watt of light for each square foot of space. Double the figure for kitchens and work areas. Buy lighting fixtures close to home so you can 'try them on' and return them if necessary. Make sure that the fixture you choose will fit any special mountings already in place in your home. If changes are needed, call in the electrician.

Make sure that every lamp and fixture you choose has passed the Underwriters Laboratories inspection. You will see a prominent 'UL' on the label, usually on the cord or base of the lamp or fixture. If there is no 'UL,' don't buy it.

Now turn on the lights and get ready for the compliments.
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