Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There are those who can simply plow right into decorating projects and end up with something beautiful. But for most of us, it can be a daunting challenge without professional help. This is especially true when it comes to awkward angles and odd-shaped rooms.

Odd shaped rooms can actually bring character to your decor. Just pick a focal point such as a fireplace, arranging furniture and accessories to bring attention to the area. Take advantage of a window by arranging seating or beds that easily access the view. If your room has no outstanding features, make your own. Faux fireplace mantles and artwork thoughtfully placed on a wall will do nicely.

Create balance with items that bring harmony and a sense of scale. An armoire that reaches the ceiling will take up more visual space than a shorter piece of the same dimensions. Rugs that are too small will look cheap no matter what the cost. Keep that in mind when selecting new items

Rooms that are long and narrow can be especially challenging until you visually divide them by two. For instance, a long living room can have one area with sofa and chairs with a secondary area for dining. Or you could use the secondary area for reading and games with a setting consisting of a table, chairs and proper lighting. Place a chess set on the table and you have an inviting place for fun with friends.

Dormers, though charming, can be tough, especially if you're using wallpaper. Plaids and stripes don't usually work well in these areas. But if wallpaper is your choice, a small repeating pattern will make the angles all but disappear. Just make sure the lighting is sufficient for working and take your time.

Painting the walls and ceiling a single color will also fool the eye by not accentuating the area where the angles meet the ceiling. Or, you can use a slightly lighter hue for the ceiling. This will also act to blend the two areas. If, on the other hand, you wish to make the angle stand out, you can accent with a different color. This can be a dramatic effect.

When choosing colors for rooms that have only three walls, be sure to coordinate your paint choices to blend seamlessly. The goal is to make every room look inviting - a room you can't wait to enter and enjoy.
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