Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eco-Friendly Bathrooms: 6 Ways to Go Green in Your Bathroom

Go Green Bathroom Ideas

Looking to extend the go green eco-friendly lifestyle into your home bathroom or office bathroom? Well going green in the bathroom is so easy and actually affordable. These go green bathroom tips will save you money, save energy, save water and you probably will not even notice a

The first thing you can do to go green in your bathroom is to turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth! Now, no one can argue with this free go green lifestyle tip. There is no need to leave the water running while you scrub away! You will save money on your water bill and not waste water!

Continuing with the water theme.. try checking out you local home improvement store for a low flow shower head. This affordable go green bathroom idea will cost you less than $20 and save thousands of gallons of water and again lower your water bill. Double whammy for you there.

Now, for a pricier go green bathroom tip.. try replacing your existing toilet with a low flow toilet. Trust me; they still work. They just use less water to flush the toilet! If replacing your toilet is not in your budget, then please make sure you do not have a toilet that is continually running. This can waste gallons of water per day and raise you water bill drastically! Your low flow toilet will pay for itself over its lifetime, so this is really a great investment, especially if you are already remodeling your bathroom anyway!

Now, for more affordable ways to go green in you bathroom.. try using recycled toilet paper.They sell 100% recycled toilet paper at Trader Joe's for the same cost as the regular stuff at the grocery store. Recycled toilet paper does not have to cost an arm and a leg!

Another way to affordably go green in you bathroom is to clean with eco-friendly cleaners. These are cleaners that do not release toxin into the air, your lungs, and your children's lungs. You can find eco-friendly cleaner at your local grocery store or make your own with vinegar!
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